Sylva Strong


What can you do in 9 weeks? How about get bigger and stronger muscles, and (if you are eating properly) a tighter physique? 

I’m Ryan Syla, and I have been incredibly fortunate to have spent most of my years training along side some of the IFBB’s best bodybuilders as well as some of the world’s top powerlifters and I’m not just saying that like your buddy who said he benched 500lbs in high school. It’s actually the truth—I gained all my knowledge from mileage and the mileage of others who’ve spent time under the bar to actually know what works. Because in my opinion, knowledge without mileage = bullshit.

While I may not be a super accomplished lifter or body-builder, I have enough knowledge to help you get your physique to the next level. A pro-maker I’m not, but I can help normal, everyday people better. 

So if you are looking for a change – and some serious gains – get after this program and you’ll absolutely see some dramatic strength and muscle growth over the 9-week period.