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On this episode of the aLLiN3 Podcast, Jason wants to introduce to you, “Your First 30” with Dana Black.  Dana, like most of us, has struggled with many different diets over the past years. She has found that most people, including herself,  fall off the bandwagon after they have completed the 30-day diets. She has come up with a plan to help people stay on track after 30 days. Jason is inviting all of his listeners to join him on his journey that starts on January 7th.

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“I have been able to find the empathy needed to understand that…you can have the best of both worlds because you can live a balanced lifestyle and enjoy the food.”

-Dana Black

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7:53 – Dana dieting history over the past 20 years

11:08- It’s not just about the Macros

14:50 – How coaching has helped Dana succeed

23:22 – 30 days at a time, that is a problem

27:13 – Why Dana created this concept, Your First 30

33:33 – Your First 30: Education and knowledge, laying down the foundation brick by brick

36:48 – How to identify your connection to food

1:00:01 – Jason is going to do Your First 30 in January and is inviting all of the listeners to join him

1:04:45 – Dana suggests to go all in on yourself and own your stuff



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