Why you NEED to be Self-Aware with Dr. Sean Pastuch | Jason Phillips Nutrition| iN³ Nutrition

On this episode of the aLLiN3 Podcast Jason and Sean shoot it to you straight, not only for your business but your personal life as well.  Sean shares with us how Active Life RX has tripled in business in a year. It’s all about going out and getting your clients and having self-awareness.  If you are not doing either of these, you nor your business will grow.

“If you want to be ‘World Class,’ prepare to be unrelatable.”

-Dr. Sean Pastuch


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3:50 – The idea behind Sean’s book

4:57 – The biggest fault of most people = approval-seeking behaviors

6:58 – How Sean’s business has grown by finding out how people want to be treated

9:33 – Learning the fundamental rule to social engagement

13:10 – Are you paying attention to your clients?  How to get ques for your client’s needs

20:05 – How Active Life RX began

23:45 – Stop trying to be a people pleaser

28:19 – You need to have self-development because it precedes everything

33:00 – Are you a leader or a follower?

37:17 – The 4 questions that Sean had to learn the answers to get his business to where it is today

45:51 – Sean’s all in suggestions



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