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Tackling a macro-nutrition diet on your own can be a daunting task. It can be overwhelming, stressful and flat out confusing. Sometimes, it takes failing on our own to realize we may need to seek out help and make that investment in ourselves. This client did just that and pulled the trigger to invest in a nutrition coach and the results have been amazing.

“I decided to start working with Amanda after counting macros on my own on and off for about a year and a half. I had been interested in hiring a coach, but hesitant because of the cost. However, when I was doing it on my own, I felt lost in determining what my macro breakdown should be. There was a lot of conflicting information on the internet, and it didn’t seem to be helping me. When I would track my food, I had a hard time sticking to the program, often suffering cravings and going over my numbers. It didn’t really seem to be getting me anywhere. Additionally, I was constantly struggling with determining whether I should be lean and fast or gain weight to be stronger. I felt like I had to pick one or the other.

When I started with Amanda, I realized how much I was actually doing wrong. She rearranged my macro breakdown, and within a few weeks and a few tweaks, my cravings started going away, my energy levels felt even throughout the day, and even my mood improved. I was leaning out, but also PR-ing my lifts every week. Having proper nutrition I realized I could have the best of both worlds, I could be lean and strong! It was amazing!  Before I was always worried I wouldn’t have enough to eat in a day, but now I have no problems with that. I eat way more now than I was before and I am leaner. Tracking macros had actually become sustainable for me and not a struggle or deprivation now. Amanda was so key in helping me through this process. She was super supportive and gave me great feedback and advice. She has the experience to really know what she is doing, and the empathy to be able to relate to what I was going through. I am really glad I decided to make the investment in a nutrition coach, which was really an investment in myself.”

iN³ Nutrition

Completely revolutionized nutrition coaching. His approach is rooted in the foundation that a proper prescription is based on each unique individual, not a template of information based on physical statistics. By creating an unprecedented level of access within the nutrition coaching relationship, Jason gets to know each individual - both who they are and what they need to be successful. Welcome to the new model of nutrition COACHING - the real way to finally find success!

iN³ Nutrition specializes in macro nutrition coaching for:

  • - Crossfit Games Athletes
  • - Body Building
  • - Weight Loss
  • - Strength Gains
  • - Optimal Health
  • - Body Transformations

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