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If you take nothing else from this blog, please understand this important statement!!!

Perhaps you don’t always make the right decisions…

Maybe your past decisions have left you in a situation that is not optimal…

Heck, you might be more confused than ever….


This article comes as a direct rebuttal to all of the BS that I am currently seeing as I scroll through my Instagram and Facebook feeds…

All of the fear mongering being thrown your way….

All of the false information being portrayed as factual, designed to scare you…

And anything that has attempted to remove the power from YOU, the person desiring results!

This is the beginning of you understanding and owning the dieting process instead of living inside of what feels like an endless rabbit hole of bullshit claims.


The foundation of success ALWAYS begins with two things:

  1. an understanding of where you are today
  2. an understanding of where you want to go.

While this seems extremely simple on the surface, I can assure you that this is the exact place that almost every individual goes wrong.

Where You Are Today

Unfortunately, most people want to over-simplify or over-complicate this piece.

Your current physical stature is not the sole base upon which your starting point should be built.  With that said, your perceptions of being “carb sensitive” or needing “super low calories to lose weight” are also likely BS, and need to dismiss as they are not in any way adding value to your pursuit of future success.

Instead – let’s identify the critical data that can actually help us here:

  • Your current physical data (age, height, weight, etc.)
  • Your current lifestyle
  • Your dietary history
  • Your current training volume/intensity
  • Your dietary and lifestyle preferences
  • Reasons for wanting to create change
  • Your ability to properly execute on recovery modalities

Properly identifying the above MUST happen before any program can be created, or results can be achieved.  However, as I said above, most individuals do not dig deep enough when identifying the “current situation” and instead rely on only surface level variables – DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

Where You Want To Go

If you have read any of my previous blogs or followed me for any length of time, you know that each goal must be understood within the context of the TRIANGLE OF AWARENESS.

Unfortunately, this concept is not “sexy” and most people will dismiss it – choosing instead to live in a fantasy world of creating multiple sets of goals at one time.

Chasing multiple sets of goals at one time is like chasing a unicorn – an endless journey leading to zero fulfillment.


As we did above with understanding where we are now, let’s identify the critical data that can help us truly find this necessary clarity:

  • Your goals (all of them)
  • Prioritization of these goals (the order in which you want to achieve them)
  • The amount of time you have to dedicate to these goals
  • The lifestyle changes you are willing to make
  • The lifestyle changes you are NOT willing to make
  • WHY these goals matter
  • HOW you will know you have achieved your goal

Ultimately it is this foundation of understanding the currents needs state along with the desired outcome that will help us identify the correct path moving forward.


Once you know where you are and where you want to be, it is time to bridge the gap.

Consider the following:

  • Your goals can be defined by the question: WHAT do you want?
  • The process will be defined by:  HOW do I achieve them?
  • But the other question that must be asked is:  WHY do I even want these goals?

It is the question of WHY that will be answered by our non-negotiables…

Some of you reading this will want a better connection with your significant other – awesome, be sure that your plan includes date nights and the freedom to eat with one another.

Others of you will want to end up competing for a physique trophy – awesome, be sure that your plan is consistently on track to have you peak on the right day.

But no matter what the goal is – you MUST understand what you are NOT willing to sacrifice in this journey, and you MUST understand what you will be sacrificing in this journey.

A templated approach that does not allow for social freedom in your dietary endeavors will not yield better connection with your loved ones…

A program that only tracks physical data and overlooks biofeedback will rarely yield optimization relative to performance…

Neither of these are bad, they simply need to be understood.


At this point, we know WHAT we want and WHY this journey matters, now we can move on to establishing HOW we will achieve this.

A quick google search of “how to calculate macros” will yield endless amounts of calculators, formulas and other articles claiming to be THE RESOURCE you will need to successfully begin your dietary journey.

Unfortunately these resources leave out several important variables.

Sure, in theory, we should be able to use your physical data to calculate your TDEE and then create the requisite deficit or surplus in line with your goals – but this completely overlooks THE COMPLETE INDIVIDUAL…

NOTE – this is where the industry is currently going wrong as we see the “professionals” living on two completely opposite ends of the spectrum when in reality the desired success lies somewhere in the middle.

We cannot continue to pigeon hole our success solely inside of hitting macros.

But we cannot also immediately jump to conclusions that when macros don’t work, that an individual has hormonal impairments, gut health issues, or other autoimmune related issues.

Sadly – both scenarios are becoming increasingly more confident.

INSTEAD – let’s consider the following:

The journey is not fast, and overnight results should NOT be expected.

Plateaus WILL happen,

And the process will NOT be linear.

Instead of trying to FORCE results, let’s work WITH the body and not make this process overly difficult.

As mentioned before, we CAN use the TDEE formula of BMR x Intensity Factor to find a caloric start point IF all things appear to be “normal.”

However, another viable method is to simply begin navigating SLOWLY away from where you currently are.  A 10-20% caloric change in the right direction will typically be far more comfortable for an individual than a complete overhaul of calories/macros.  This comfort will lead to increased compliance, ultimately leading to long term success.

To be fair, this article would be entirely too long if we went into all of the nuances of macro prescription, but if you want to know how to actually APPLY all of the variables, be sure you pick up MACROS APPLIED.

Creating Success TODAY

Let me reiterate the first line of this blog – YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

Our society is undoubtedly becoming more educated, but we must not let this carry over into fear mongering.

For YOU – reading this blog – understand that the BASICS are the place to start.

NO – you do not likely need a full hormone panel work up right now.

NO – your guts are likely not destroyed.

NO – your thyroid is likely not dysfunctional.

Instead – begin addressing WHAT, WHY and HOW you are going to change.

WHAT do you want

WHY do you want this

HOW will you plan to achieve this

Over 10,000 transformations have been made using this SIMPLE formula – will yours be next?


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