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From dieting to hypothyroidism, this episode dives into the myths of nutrition. To tell you all you need to know about stress, gut health, and hormones, Jason talks with Lacey Dunn. As the owner of Uplift Nutrition, Lacey uses her experience as a personal trainer and Registered Dietitian to create the perfect physique. Dig into the myths of hypothyroidism and keto diets to learn why your weight loss is stalling. Also, listen to hear the bonus tip at the end for all entrepreneurs.

You can’t keep pushing your body and expect it to be 100% when all you’re doing is just taking away.

-Lacey Dunn


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[3:55] – Why Lacey restarted her whole undergrad career: The realization that made her ditch lab work

[8:52] – Are gut health and microbiome studies a fad? What Lacey sees the most in her work as an RD and how we should address it

[17:10] – The #1 mistake you can make in analyzing your diet. You need to educate yourself on endocrinology to help your doctors diagnose issues correctly

[25:16] – Today, we are seeing more Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroid issues. What is causing this increase and what can you do to prevent these problems?

[32:02] – Lacey has this one thing to say to her clients when they stop losing weight and there’s no explanation for it

[38:31] – What is Keto good for? Hear what Lacey says the pros and cons are to the Keto Diet and other fasting methods

[43:01] – Relationships apply to food too–What makes a healthy relationship with food in any diet

[49:04] – ENTREPRENEURS: The 1 action that you can take that will make you a successful business owner


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